Educational Audiological Consultancy


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With the squeeze on budgets and the lack of specialist staff in many areas, Special Educational Needs are often being ignored.  We have unrivalled experience in providing educational audiological assessments for, and representation at,  Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunals (SENDIST)

We have un

Special Educational Needs  and Disability Tribunals

Hearing Impaired Children need timely and expert identification of needs if the correct support is to be put into place.


Educational Audiology Consultancy

At times disputes need to be resolved with the help of legally trained professionals.  Where this is the case, Hear2Learn can work with your legal team to provide expert advice and opinion.

Expert Witness          

Keeping up to date with Technology and Services for the Hearing Impaired Child can be a daunting prospect for the busy professional. Research based Inservice training and support can be provided in order to improve service delivery.

Research is central to all our activities and informs our work at all levels.




Research and InService Training